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What is Credentic?

Credentic helps generate hundreds of password ideas with a few mouse clicks.

There are no guarantees about the security of these passwords, we merely help create combinations of words and letters that can be pronounced and are difficult to guess.

How to Remember Complex Passwords?

Use the first letters of a made-up phrase. For example, for a password like 12pErSfm, think Twelve pink ELEPHANTS running from STADIUM to fish market.

Password Guidelines

  • Do not use the same password for everything.
  • A secure password should contain numbers, letters and special symbols.
  • Do not use names, postcodes, birthdates, social security numbers etc.
  • Avoid common English words.
  • Be careful when using public computers.
  • Avoid common key sequences, like 654321 or qwerty.
  • Use 2-step verification, when possible.